Assessment and Evaluation

The first step comprises of a thorough clinical assessment exclusively focusing on your
sleep complaints including the nature and duration of insomnia, nocturnal symptoms,
conditions and activities before sleep, sleep environment, sleep-wake schedule and
daytime function. Dr. Jaffery will utilize a series of sleep questionnaire filled out by
yourself. These evidence based questionnaires will give him a better
understanding of your conditions, sub-types and its severity. He will also use
approved procedures like “Actigraphy” and if needed “Polysomniography” for further

Based on this thorough assessment process he will design a unique and scientifically
validated medical and psychological treatment options. In order to exclusively focus
on Insomnia complains he will see you separately if other psychiatric conditions co-
exist. You will be referred out if your insomnia complains
seem secondary to other sleep conditions like breathing disorders.

Please review our sleep questionnaires to understand and rate your insomnia