• Actigraphy

Actigraphy is a non-invasive method for sleep/wake monitoring, rest activity rhythm
measurement, and daytime activity assessment. It has been actively used in sleep-
related studies since the early 1990s, and is used to replace full  polysomniography
for insomnia evaluation. The main reason is that as opposed
to staying in a lab overnight for polysomniography, the patient remains mobile and
can remain in his/her home and natural sleep environment, generating reliable
results with an accuracy that is close to those of polysomniography (above 90%). After
a complete evaluation, and based on the patients condition, Dr. Jaffery may ask you to
wear the actigraph watch.  

  • Polysomniography

Polysomniography is not recommended for routine assessment of insomnia, however
if there is a suspicion of certain sleep related disorders you will be referred for this
overnight in-lab procedure.