Adult ADHD Clinic

About one out of three kids with ADHD fail to outgrow the ADHD symptom after they become adults.
ADHD symptoms continue to impair adults functioning in their family, personal and professional
lives. Adults also experience significant depression, anxiety and substance abuse problems as a
result of continued ADHD. With right treatment symptoms can be improved 70% with dramatic
increase in functioning.

Dr Jaffery has been assessing and treating adults with ADHD (also known as ADD) for the last 12
years. Besides getting detailed symptom history, he also utilizes comprehensive self-rating scales
designed for adults only. After initial assessment patients go through computerized performance
test, to measure different variables of attention and compare their performance with the
performance of people with and without ADD. Patients will then receive carefully chosen single or
combination of medications to address different domains of ADHD. Options for neuro-feedback,
coaching or behavioral therapy would be available as referrals.  
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