What is Insomnia?

Insomnia complains occur in 33-50% of the adult population. Most sleep doctors are
unable and unwilling to treat insomnia due to lack of training and experience as
insomnia is heavily overlapped with psychiatric and psychological conditions.

Dr. Jaffery has been evaluating and treating psychiatric conditions for 17 years and
developed unique interests in sleep disorders especially insomnia and related sleep
conditions. His interest in this area led him to eventually specializing and eventually
getting board certification in sleep medicine. As a result of this Dr. Jaffery brings
unique expertise as diplomat of American board of Sleep Medicine in evaluating and
treating insomnia and related sleep disorders. He is exceptionally positioned among
his peers to address the psycho social and behavioral aspects of insomnia in addition
to directly addressing psychiatric conditions.

Please review the following links to learn more about his services in treating
insomnia and related sleep disorders.

Assessment and Evaluation

Sleep Questionnaires


Treatment options